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Plumbing & Bathroom Remodeling

We Will Make It The "Best Seat In The House"


There is no getting around it, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Like a bedroom, it is one room everyone has to use. And with all the showering, shaving and "beautification" we do, it's one of the most in-demand rooms we know of—especially if you have kids.


Penfield Hardware & Handyman has decades of experience helping people make their bathrooms highly functional yet aesthetically pleasing. Our handymen can cover a range of assignments from a simple paint or wall-covering project to a complete makeover with new shower/tub and other fixtures. And with our skilled plumbing and electrical staff, we can assure a quality bathroom job through and through.


Along with our bathroom services, our plumbing staff is prepared to come to your home for any need from kitchen, laundry room, sump pump or bathroom. We're here to solve all your plumbing problems and meet all your improvement needs including:


  • Complete Bathroom Remodel

  • New Sink & Vanity

  • Re- grouting and caulking of tub and shower area

  • Installation of new tub surrond, bathtub, and shower

  • Tolilet Installs

  • New ceramic bathroom floor/ tiling

  • Light Fixture Installation

  • Install new or replacement of Vent Fans

  • Eliminate moisture and mildew

  • Hot Water Heater Installation


Along with a range of services, we have the expertise to work within every budget, employing both efficient practices and money-saving know-how that saves you money. See here some of the ways we've improved life in the bathroom for our satisfied customers.

Below are a few slideshows of before and after pictures of different bathrooms we have remodeled.

The different bathrooms that are shown below shows the way we can customize your bathroom anyway you would like it. Each of these bahtrooms were fitted around the customers' budget, so we meet their needs which meant extremely satisfied customers


Be Sure to Click on the photo to play the slide show:

Drywall Installation & Repair

There Are No More Important Walls Than Those That Surround You.


Our drywall specialists are among our busiest handymen, thanks to the prompt, efficient work they do. Whether you have walls that have been damaged by furniture, rambunctious kids or other natural events, the fastest way to get your repairs done is to call Penfield Hardware & Handymen.


Our drywall installers have years of experience and know-how in both repairs and new installation. Considering subdividing a large room? Constructing a new area or wall partition in your basement? No matter what your need, count on us.


Look to us for:


  • Drywall installation

  • Drywall and plaster repair, including damage to ceilings

  • Decorative plastering

  • Repair of moldings

  • Coordination of claims with insurance companies

  • Creating more living space in your house

  • Remodeling/Finishing Basement or Attic


Penfield Hardware & Handyman knows how to get all aspects of your drywall project handled promptly and efficiently. And we can coordinate all the other aspects of a project too, including painting, electrical and plumbing if necessary.


Here are some examples of jobs we have done below of different attic and basement remodeling projects. We did everything from framing, running new electrical, insulation, hanging and finishing drywall, painting, putting up new moldings, and installations of new windows and doors. We will do whatever you need in order to make more living space in your house more effective and enjoyable for you. 



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