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We are not your average Handyman service, with having over 35 years of experience serving customers with the highest customer service and quality work every day is our number one goal. Our services range from basic home improvement needs to large remodelings. Your time at home should be a place where you relax and not having to worry about doing the fix its or renovations, thats what we are here for.

Plumbing/ Bathroom Remodeling
We Will Make It The "Best Seat In The House"
The Easy Way To Handle All Your Electrical Needs

Carpentry, Remodeling, Almost Anything You Think Of

Nobody Can Put It All Together Like Penfield Hardware & Handyman

Penfield Hardware & Handyman has decades of experience helping people make their bathrooms highly functional yet aesthetically pleasing. Our handymen can cover a range of assignments from a faucet or toliet repair to a complete makeover with new shower/tub and other fixtures. With our highly skilled plumbing and electrical staff, we can assure a quality bathroom job through and through.

installing the kinds of lighting your home needs for proper interior accents including track and eyeball lighting. We also are able to install all types of fixtures and can troubleshoot our way around complex electrical problems. Our people are committed both to safety and the latest standards. Our work will meet existing codes and meet your expectations in all other ways as well.

No other handyman service in this area has the resources and knowledge to get so you many different types of projects done. Whether you're looking to solve an immediate home maintenance problem or looking to pull together a project that involves multiple services such as carpentry, elctrical, drywall and plumbing, you can count on us.


Excellent, as always!   I have used Penfield Hardware and Handyman Services for 15 years for countless repair projects at my home.  Dave would provide good advice and creative ideas to solve problems.  Dave and his crew do everything from water heaters to plumbing, to painting, lighting, new bathrooms, tile, and electrical work.  I could always trust him alone in my house.    Penfield Hardware and Handyman is the best!


Chris- Penfield, NY

You can count on Dave for excellent service. Thorough, knowledgeable and stays with it 'til the job is done (including cleanup). Highly recommended - by us as well as by Angie's List (where we found him).

Bob- Rochester, NY

1. Returned my call in a timely manner 2. Scheduled an appt in a reasonable timeframe 3. Arrived when he said he would 4. Did great work 5. Was very pleasant ..... What more could you ask for.


Kathty- Fairport, NY

Penfield Hardware & Handyman

Doing the improvement for you, so you can enjoy it!